Jens Lorenzen

Project Description


About Jens Lorenzen

Jens Lorenzen’s current series, titled The Wall, relates directly to the Berlin Wall of the artist’s childhood in Germany during the Cold War. The representational paintings, depicting antique posters and handbills plastered haphazardly together on a continuous imaginary wall, are painted with the illusion of collage, suggesting time worn layers peeling away to reveal the older layers underneath. Lorenzen describes his process as “looking for the story behind the story.”

When hanging together, each painting flows thematically into the previous and following paintings, allowing the series as a whole to be read as one long mural, subtly changing it’s motifs and meanings as each work is viewed. The artist’s iconic text and imagery merge politics with Pop Art, and modern advertising with ancient Italian frescoes, contrasting the past and the future, the hidden and the exposed.

Born in Schleswig, Germany, in 1961, Lorenzen studied at the University of Fine Arts, Braunschweig. Over the past decades, he has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Germany and also in New York City. His work has been featured in many German publications and is widely collected in Germany; it can now be seen for the first time on the West Coast at Scott Richards Contemporary Art and Tangent Contemporary Art. BIO